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Neighbourhood Development Area

St Gluvias Parish was formally Designated as a Neighbourhood Development Area in October 2016.  This is the first step in creating a Neighbourhood Development plan. 

NDP Agenda Dates for 2019


Dates of meetings for 2019 which are to be held at Ponsanooth Hall are:


Tuesday 11th June 2019 1-3pm

Monday 1st July 2019 1-3pm

Monday 5th August 2019 1-3pm

Monday 2nd September 2019 1-3pm



NDP feedback event and next steps - EVENT 25th April 5.30 -  7.30pm

In June last year the Parish Council's Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group surveyed all residents in our Parish. Some residents who completed this indicated they would be keen to help.




The help you can offer can come in many forms and you could, for example, feel interested in gathering information about a particular topic such as historic buildings or new recreational trails or the environment. Or you may simply wish to help post our newsletters out. If you are still interested in helping we are keen to hear from you!

The Steering Group will be holding an Information Event on 25th April at 5.30pm to 7.30pm at Ponsanooth Community Hall, where there will be a presentation given about what the purpose of our Plan is, what work we have done so far, what we need to do and a discussion about the areas of help we need. It would be great to see you there!
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in contact. It would be great to know if you can attend and if you cannot make it and want to get involved, please let us know.  

NDP Minutes of Meetings

NDP Agenda 1st April 2019.doc
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NDP 28th Nov 2017.doc
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St Gluvias Neighbourhood Plan - March 2017
The first steering group meetings were held this month.
St Gluvias NDP.pptx
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Neighbourhood Plan - August 2016
The Parish Council has applied to develop a local neighbourhood plan for St Gluvias parish. Please see attached for brief details at this stage
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