We will provide updates here to tell you more about local issues and the work that is going on.

Penvose Farm student village and associated works Planning Application. 


Please refer to Cornwall Council's on line planning register to view and comment on this live application.  The register can be found in the link pasted here and please add the reference PA16/11983 at the search prompt

Ponsanooth Road Crossing Proposal - March 2017
Meetings were held on the 9th March 2017 to discuss a possible road crossing in Ponsanooth, seeking the views of local residents.
Ponsanooth Road Crossing and Footway Wid[...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [10.6 MB]

Ponsanooth bus shelter - October 2016

After weeks of negotiation with Cornwall Council, funding has been provided to pay for the materials to repair the roof of the shelter which this parish council will now take on responsibility for the future.  The repairs themeslves were carried out by our new councillor, Jonathan Kearsley.

Hedge cutting - October 2016

Please ensure that hedges bordering the highway are cut so that they do not overhang and cause the highway.  We are currently looking at problems throughout the parish.

Dog mess problem - October 2016

Dog mess is becoming an increasing problem in Ponsanooth.  Please ensure that you pick up after your dog.  There are fines that can be imposed on dog owners if they fail to do so.  Please help us to keep the village nice for everyone.

Laity Moor Fingerposts - September 2016

This project is now complete, having had recast fingers and repainting. 

Defibrillators - September 2016

The Parish Council has now purchased 2 defibrillators for the parish.  These are based at Treluswell Four Cross garage next to the air and water machines and outside the village shop in Ponsanooth on the wall bordering the road.  Thankyou to the owners at both these locations, Mr and Mrs Turner and Ms Firminger respectively, for their permission to site these on their property.  In the event of needing to use these devices, you would call the emergency services who would provide the access codes and talk you through using them.


Response letter to Situ8 - May 16
A letter has been sent to Situ8 regards the proposed housing development on the edge of Ponsanooth on Commercial Hill
Situ8 comments letter.doc
Microsoft Word document [38.0 KB]

Laity Moor Finger posts April 16

The finger posts at Laity Moor will be dismantled and taken away for restoration.  They will be returned to their place as soon as possible.

What to do if you spot a faulty drain - Mar 16

Contact our parish council clerk or raise the issue directly with Cornwall Council (phone 0300 1234 100)

Environment Agency Advice for landowners with watercourses - Oct 15

The following link provides advice for landowners

Drainage Action Plan - Apr 15
This gives an overview of what flooding and drains issues are being looked at
drain action plan.docx
Microsoft Word document [18.0 KB]

Volunteer Speed Watch group for Ponsanooth - Nov 14

This group of volunteers would be fully trained to monitor speeds in the village using speed cameras with the aim of identifying motorists that are speeding.  Anyone wishing to take part in this group should contact the clerk or let Ash Pearson know.  We need a minimum of 6 people to get started.

Meeting held with Cormac regards drains in St Gluvias parish - Nov 14
The attached document has notes from the meeting and subsequent actions/progress in red. Further follow up action will be detailed here when available.
Meeting with Viv Bidgood and Andy Hoskin[...]
Microsoft Word document [21.4 KB]

Traffic calming - Aug 14

Applications have now been made to Cornwall Council for traffice calming measures in Ponsanooth.  The requests include;

  • A flashing 30mph sign on the main road similar to those found in neighbouring villages.
  • An additional speed bump on St Andrews Terrace to help stop speeding around the corner.
  • A virtual pedestrian pavement (marked on the road) and a 20mph limit on Commercial Rd.

A zebra crossing is still desired for the future and a voluntary lollypop rota is being investigated.

Firefighter strikes - Aug 14

Cornwall Fire and Rescure Service advise us that - Firefighters are planning to go on strike at various times between the 9th and 16th August 2014.  In the event of fire, you should still get out, stay out and call 999 - you will get an emergency response.

Roskrow Barton Solar Project - Aug 14

An exhibition is to be held of plans for a solar aray on land at Roskrow Barton on Monday 8th September 2014 between 5pm and 7.30pm at Ponsanooth Hall.  Everybody is welcome.

Police alert regards a national scam - June 14

OP Fardel is Devon and Cornwall’s response to a professionally run national scam that is attempting to defraud people, many who are vulnerable due to age, out of thousands of pounds.  The offenders are tending to exhaust opportunities in one particular area of the country before moving onto another.  Within our force area Torbay has been targeted but within the past few days West Cornwall, in particularly Helston has been the focus where a number of victims have transferred money into the offenders back accounts.  Within the last 48 hours we’ve received reports of over £130000 being taken.


The MO is for the offenders to call the victims purporting to be a police officers from the MET and are investigating a crime relating to fraudulent activity on the victims bank account.  They then convince the victim to either transfer their savings into another bank account or they obtain their bank details allowing them to withdraw money.


The priority when dealing with these matters is to prevent loss, safeguard the most vulnerable members of our community and increase awareness at the earliest opportunity.


Please ensure the following initial actions are taken:

  • Ring 101 and inform the D+C Police
  • Dial 1471 from the victims landline – may reveal the caller’s number if the last call received was from the offender(s)
  • The priority is to prevent loss to the victim. ASAP establish if the victim has divulged bank detail/PIN numbers and contact banks with a view to cancelling the card/account and blocking transactions or any pending transactions. Assist with this if necessary.
  • Record details of the victim phone number and service provider (BT/SKY/Virgin etc)
  • Establish when the offender(s) called and ascertain the number and duration of calls. It is important that we try to establish the approximate start and end times of the call.
  • Ask victim for details of the caller - male/female, did they use a name/title, accent and, importantly, the MO. How did they pass details of the PIN number – verbally or did they key in their number?


Ponsanooth flooding - Feb 14

Following the tragic flooding of the Post Office and General Stores in Ponsanooth, the Parish Council are very pleased to see the opening of a temporary facility now in place and wish to covey thanks for the donated log cabin, to all the volunteers who have supported the shop, to Michelle for keeping things going and everyone else who has helped out in this challenging situation.


The parish council has attended meetings with Cornwall Councillor Michael Keogh, South West Water and Cornwall Council staff with regards to the drainage issues in Ponsanooth and it is with thanks that the roads have now been swept and the drains cleared.  CCTV observations have been made, in a number of drains, the findings of which will be posted on the Council website at a later date.

Lower Treluswell Flooding - Feb 14

Severe flooding also occurred in February in Lower Treluswell where 5 cottages were flooded.  The stream that used to supply water to the well which was used for beer making when the brewery was in existence, flooded the road.  Assistance was requested from Cornwall Council who sent Blue watch Falmouth Fire Brigade who started pumping water out and eventually got on top of this situation.


The parish council has been in contact with Cornwall Councillor Michael Keogh and Cornwall Council staff to look at how the situation can be avoided in the future.  Camera inspection of the pipes which take the stream to the Praze drainage system on the B3292 and into the Penryn river, is being carried out.  Further updates will be posted on this website at a later date, as soon as further information is known.

Ponsanooth Street Lighting - Sept 13

Due to the ever increasing costs of the street lighting in Ponsanooth, the Parish Council has made the decision to change suppliers for the electricity.  The move will mean the costs are approximately halved to an average £853 plus VAT per year.  The decision has also been made to change the lit times of thirty of the lights to come in line with one existing light in the parish, the cost for this change will be approximately £60 per light but the saving will recover this expenditure in about 2.5 years.

Tradtional sign post restoration - Aug 13

A traditional signpost in the  Lower Treluswell area that had become neglected, has been repainted and restored.

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