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24th May 2020

We have received notificaiton of planning application PA20/03853 Proposal for a two storey extension
Location Cotwood Cot Hill Ponsanooth TR3 7HJ  

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The Clerk will circulate all public comments to members of the Parish Council after the 8th June 2020 , in accordance with the Covid-19 emergency Parish Plan.




Planning April 2020

Following a period of consultation with parishioners and Councillors members of St GLuvias Parish Council have made the following comments as consultees on planning applications received during the Month of April. of planning application PA20/01535. 


PA20/01353 | Outline application for erection of dwelling with all matters reserved | Land West Of Dor Meynek Commons Lane Ponsanooth Cornwall TR3 7FH


Linked Preapp PA19/00605


Members of St Gluvias Parish Council submitted the following comments.

The Parish Council wishes to object in the strongest possible terms to the proposal. Commons Lane is a well used track providing an important connection between the south western part of the village and the east towards the main road. It provides an important green and pleasurable setting in an otherwise built up urban environment. It provides an important historical link to the past mining activity in the Kennall Vale Woods. The proposal if allowed would totally destroy the character of the area as the majority of trees would be lost. An aerial view of the area will show how lush the canopy is and its important contribution to the amenity of the Village. You will see the trees provide an important informal play space too.

We provided previous comments to you on the pre application enquiry (ref: PA19/00605/PREAPP) raising significant concerns with the idea of a house here. We consider these comments are still very much valid and ask that they be taken into account with this response in particular the comments regarding its historical importance as well as the important query regarding its function as a retaining highway structure. We haven't repeated all the comments in this representation to avoid unnecessary repetition.

The Parish Council have long recognised the importance of this lane and have been trying to protect it for a number of years. We have been taking steps to acquire the Lane itself to safeguard its route (we can provide paperwork to confirm this) and improve is surface although ascertaining historical landownership has been a challenge. The importance of this Lane and the trees cannot be under estimated as the emerging Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have identified this strip as an important green wedge which it is seeking to safeguard through its policies. This follows two public consultation rounds which have identified access to green space in Ponsanooth as an important priority in the Parish.

We note the planning officer raised queries in the pre app response regarding the design of the building. From what we are able to see on the CC website there is even less information provided - no elevations or other information to explain how it would fit in the slope and respect neighbouring properties. This is considered to be a significant drawback.

We note the applicant's reference to the 2010 application on the adjoining residential development (which we opposed) but consider that to be a totally misleading observation. There is a very different planning environment to 10 years ago, and that application was in the curtilage of an existing garden unlike this one. We need to do all we can to protect trees and green spaces which this application patently fails to do. How can a biodiversity net gain be achieved on this proposal when all the trees are affected?

In summary the Parish Council object to the proposal as we consider it to be totally unsuitable to housing development and would create an unacceptable impact on the local character and environment in the area. We very much hope you will refuse permission.






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