St Gluvias Parish Councillors

Elections for Councillors to sit on the St Gluvias Parish Council are scheduled to take place every four years, with the next one being held in May 2021 and usually at the same time as the County Local Elections. Where however the seats are uncontested the Councillors may re-sit on the Council.  The current list of Councillors is provided below.  There are currently two Vacancies for Councillors, please contact the Clerk for more information about becoming a Councillor.

Councillor Marilyn Ferris (Chair)



Mary Gosling


Councillor Emma Williams

(Vice Chairman)

Councillor Chris Daly


Councillor Chris Trewern


Councillor Simon Carlyon


Councillor Martin Beckett


Councillor Darren Willcocks

Councillor Vacancy


Councillor Vacancy


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